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Wheku/Taiaha Head Pounamu Necklace

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100mm x 22mm Wheku/Taiaha Head Pounamu Necklace. Please note that you may not receive the exact piece pictured, but it will be in the same design. Each piece is uniquely made so slight variations may occur. Our pounamu automatically comes with a black string if available. You can also request a tan or brown cord.

This design is a Wheku, meaning ‘carved face’, depicts the face of an ancestor.

The Wheku is generally found at the apex of the gable on a Wharenui, the Maori meeting house, and symbolises an important ancestor after whom the house was named.

 The head of a taiaha, also known as the upoko (head). Upoko is the carved head on the butt end of a Maori taiaha, a kind of two-handed war club