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Large Quad Koru Heart Pounamu Necklace

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Please note that you may not receive the exact piece pictured but it will be in the same design. Each piece is uniquely made so slight variations may occur. 

  • Will automatically come with a black string if available. You can request to change to a brown or tan cord.


  • 80mm x 85mm


  • The Manawa (Heart) is a symbol of love and life.

  • The Koru symbolizes the continuous movement of life, new beginnings, new opportunities, growth, and harmony. It is a powerful representation of the cycle of renewal and change.

  • The 4 korus can also have a meaning behind them - 3 special people in your life will each hold a koru, family, parents, children or friends and the 4th koru being the wearer, or the 4 korus can represent 4 people in your life that you love most.